Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Technology for Real Estate

Blue Ridge GA Real Estate is pleased to welcome guest blogger Jeff Norman.  Today, Jeff shares with us his perspectives on the important role of techonology in real estate. 

Jeff Norman is a writer based in New York City. He is a guest blogger for My Dog Ate My Blog and writes on online colleges and universities for Guide to Online Schools.

Technology for Real Estate

When many people envision the idea of a career in real estate, they might foresee a broker or agent needing a skill set similar to that of an Avon Lady. A smile, perkiness, and a willingness to trek from door to door in pursuit of sales is definitely an admirable assemblage of assets. But to today's real estate community, a fresh and souped-up array of technologically savvy abilities in not only favorable—it's downright mandatory. The Internet and its myriad whiz-bang-glam features polarize those unfamiliar with the Web; like a powerful magnet, they can either attract your optimism, or repel you into an anti-tech stupor. Hopefully this article encourages you to lean toward the latter response and embrace how new technology can shore up your real estate repertoire.

First of all, you're strongly advised to get a Gmail account as your primary business e-mail. Yes, Gmail, not Yahoo or the like. Google's electronic messaging service stands out for its flexibility and diversity of assets, such as calendar and task functions. What is more, Gmail allows its users to ease the maintenance and accessing of their database of clientele. And every e-mail sent from Gmail includes the sent address as well as a customizable sign-off—the perfect way to sustain recognition of your personal brand and styling.

For pictures, there is really no better internet system right now than Picasa. Simply put, Picasa makes picture management (essential for anyone in the real estate industry looking to achieve expertise) fun and easy. It has never been simpler to create sophisticated albums that can be geotagged and coordinated with what's on your desktop. Want to beef up your real estate acumen? Consider Picasa obligatory.

And now (drumroll, please), two words that strike fear into the hearts of anyone afraid of the real power possible with the Internet: social networking. Here are two more words to give trepidatious readers even more terror: Facebook and Twitter. Now that the big bad words are out in the air, we implore you not to apprehend these tools. Simply put, maintaining an active Facebook and Twitter page for your real estate affairs is one of the smartest ideas you can implement to immediately impact your success, from listing to escrow. Tweet often, and stock your Facebook page regularly with pictures not only of your properties, but also of yourself and your staff. Users online want to feel connected to the people of their networks, and they reward those who show an Avon-Lady grin or two online with increased attention.

Lastly, here are a few blogs that build off of the tips we've supplied to you here, and will keep your technological savvy well-spiced and up-to-date. Real Estate Technology features a consistent stream of quick yet cogent, counsel-filled postings that you can implement into your office right here, right now. And Geek Estate makes good on its promise to field relevant info for real estate people who want to harness technology's best.

We hope, after reading this, you're a member of that latter group!

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